Meal-In-A-Jar: Local Company Aims to Ease Pandemic Fears With Ready-made Meals

By: Lucy Anacleto
| Published 03/30/2020


Offers no-contact delivery of meals in easily sanitized glass jars

Meal In A Jar Offers No-contact Delivery Of Fresh, Healthy Meals

Watereloo Ont - Waterloo-based company, Meal in a Jar, offers no-contact delivery of fresh, healthy meals in easily sanitized glass jars to ease pandemic worries and helps keep vulnerable, elderly and isolated families safe and nourished.

The unique benefit of these meals is that they are served in glass jars which can easily and safely be wiped down with disinfectant and microwaved (with lid removed), which are two of the best ways to ensure that the COVID-19 virus will not survive.

Many of those who are practicing social distancing or have returned from travel and are under self-quarantine are worried about how to safely acquire nourishment during this national lock-down. Irene Divaris, President of Meal in a Jar, has cut the price of the meals in order to provide healthy, affordable meals to the people who need them most right now. “During this pandemic of Covid-19, I thought of how I can utilize the resource of my company, Meal in a Jar, to help people,” said Divaris from her home in Waterloo, Ontario. “Meal in a Jar can be especially helpful to those who are quarantined or unable to get to the grocery store. Our meals are delivered in a GLASS jar, It's different from takeout as they have a 9 day shelf life and the jars are made from glass, so Lysol wipes can be used on them.” she added.

Her company is also instituting stringent production protocols to ensure that the jars are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for delivery. “Once received,” she said, “the customer can also choose to wipe down the jar before putting it in the fridge to enjoy later- for some people, the peace of mind this instills is important. Our mission during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic is to serve people who are isolated and vulnerable and cannot get to clean healthy meals.”

In this highly stressful time of global anxiety, the peace of mind that can be offered by a simple glass jar can go a long way to ease covid-19 fears.

A variety of meal sizes are available costing from $5.99-$9.99, with other size packages available. See their website at link below for details.

Photo below: Irene Divaris, President of Meal in a Jar

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