Here's A Corny Idea To Help Us Celebrate Canada Day

By: Thomas Hagey - KwNow Local News
| Published 07/01/2020


Knee-High By The 1st Of July ... How Does Corn Do it?

Knee-High By The 1st Of July ... How Does Corn Do it?

There was a saying when I was growing up on the farm that still rings true today.

When I asked my dad how long it took for corn to grow, he would say "Knee-high by the 1st of July."

It didn't really answer my question completely, but I learned that no matter when you planted corn, it seemed, remarkably, by the time Canada Day rolled around, well, it was knee-high tall. (To my dad's knees anyway.)

Farming is not an exact business. It makes it very challenging at times to be a farmer. You never know when you're going to be able to get your crops planted (or harvested) because you never know what the weather is going to do. It can be too cold, too wet or too soon. And after you are able to plant it, it could be too dry and it won't grow very fast either. Can you imagine having a job like this? *

Time Honoured Experience

I have tested this saying year after year throughout my life, and CORN, has rarely not RISEN to the occasion. I constantly scan the fields as I drive through the country from early May to the end of June to see (in my own mind) if this will be the year for corn to miss its mark.

This year, I decided to share my knee-high experience with my lovely neighbours Paulina, Dogan and their daughter Ayla.(They are pictured here above and below.) Once again, corn met and surpassed the challenge. It was up to and beyond their knees by July 1st. But we also proved a new aspect of the challenge. Using Ayla's kid-size as a measuring unit we discovered that corn was also WEE-high by the 1st of July. It never fails to amaze. (Or is that A-MAIZE?)

WEE-High by the 1st of July

So, how does corn do it? Well, perhaps it's in its DNA fact, I'm sure that it is. But maybe too, lots of water, sunshine, and a little bit of farmer's luck all contribute to a saying which has stood the test of time.

Happy July 1st ...Happy Canada Day!

* If You Ate Today Thank A Farmer

Just as an aside. When considering the farming experience, understand that farmers are the reason we all can put food on the table. They take risks which many of us take for granted. I remember asking my dad what he would do if he won the lottery. He replied that he would simply keep on farming until the money was all gone. I've never forgotten... If you ate today, thank a farmer.