Amazing Outpouring of Love and Support For Mildred Has Made A Tremendous Difference For Many Pets

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 08/18/2020

Mildred Relaxing After A Hard Day Of Fundraising
Mildred Relaxing After A Hard Day Of Fundraising

Outpouring of Love and Support For A Senior Dog

One Dog And A Whole Lotta Love From Good People

An amazing outpouring of Love and Support for Mildred a senior dog has made a tremendous difference for many pets.

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth has received an overwhelming response to their urgent appeal to save Mildred, a senior dog who was discovered deserted, wrapped in plastic at the side of the road near Listowel.

To date Mildred Needs Your Help! campaign on Canada Gives has raised over $15,000. (See link below.)

Mildred continues to undergo medical procedures that will help improve her health and allow her to live out her remaining life more comfortably.

Yesterday, a veterinary surgeon had removed Mildred’s overgrown/prolapsed vaginal tissue. The procedure went well, with no complications. The surgeon also requested x-rays of her hips and pelvis due to her abnormal gait and stance in her hind end. This is a consequence of previous hip dislocations that were left untreated.

The Humane Society has also received the biopsy results from her largest mammary tumour and it is benign. That’s great news for Mildred!

In approximately 2 weeks, Mildred will receive her final procedure – a dental and removal of the remaining small mammary growths.

Between procedures, Mildred is resting comfortably in the care of a foster family, who were kind enough to supply the photos attached with this email. The Humane Society has received several inquiries from the public about adopting Mildred. Once she is ready for adoption they will make an announcement on their social media. Those interested in placing an application will be able to do so on their website at the link below.

Mildred will need a modified lifestyle (no stairs/jumping up) and long term pain medication (similar to medications for arthritis) to keep her comfortable. They will not be accepting applications before Mildred is ready to go up for adoption.

You can still give to help Mildred help others

Mildred Needs Your Help! campaign will stay up until August 21th, 2020 for those interested in making a contribution at the link below. (When you help Mildred you will help others.)