Onward To Cambridge: Stage 2 ION Transit To Link The River City In Next Phase

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 12/10/2020


Are You ALL Aboard? Onward To Cambridge - The Train Is coming!!!

'City South Of The 401 To Get The Real Deal'

Waterloo Region – On December 10, the Stage 2 ION Transit Project Assessment (TPA) Process begins with a Notice of Commencement. This is an exciting milestone in the life of the project. It is the result of years of technical analysis, evaluation and consultation.

The TPA process will review issues of provincial importance such as how the Stage 2 ION project will affect the natural, social, cultural, transportation and economic environments. The Draft Environmental Project Report (EPR) is now available for review and comment. At the conclusion of the TPA Process, a Final Environmental Project Report will be produced and forwarded to the province for consideration.

“Bringing LRT to Cambridge will be transformational. It will create a seamless LRT system that will connect the region’s three urban centres,” said Karen Redman, Regional Chair. “Together with my Regional colleagues, I’m happy to launch the next big step in the process to bringing Stage 2 ION to Cambridge. I encourage residents to get involved and keep up with the project at, the links below. Residents who would like to give input can do so at the link below.”

Stage 2 ION will replace ION bus service with 18 km of LRT and eight new stations, creating a continuous LRT system across the region's three urban centres. It will be the largest capital project in the Region’s history. Stage 1 ION has already seen 3.2 billion dollars of investment in the central transit corridor. The Region committed to bringing the same benefits to Cambridge.