Waterloo's JG Group Delivers A Christmas Gift To Our Community

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 12/31/2020


A Christmas Gift for Our Community

'As a vibrant, caring community, we need to continue to work together during this critical time.” - Shaddi Fahel

The JG Group (Waterloo) is donating 24,000 protective masks to Grand River Hospital to assist in addressing the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers and others in the community during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

The JG Group of companies is a local business with expertise in general contracting, heritage restoration projects, property management and community engagement and support.

A Social Responsibility...

“Our community is continuing to face an unprecedented health and economic crisis that requires the mobilization and participation of all of us in the Waterloo Region,” said Shawky Fahel, the President and CEO of the JG Group. “As proud Canadians and as a successful local company we feel we have a social responsibility to do everything we can to help meet our communities’ most vital health care needs.”

Our Community Needs Medical Supplies

“The JG Group has hosted a Christmas reception for the last 25 years. In lieu of our annual Christmas celebration, and as we continue to face extraordinary challenges, we are happy to make this donation of supplies for our frontline health care workers. As a vibrant and caring community, we have to continue to work together during this critical time,” said Shaddi Fahel, Managing Partner of the JG Group. “This is our way of sharing the Christmas spirit, even if we aren’t able to do it in person”

GRH Foundation Is our Foundation for reliable, accessible health care

"Since the start of the pandemic, we have been fortunate to have received much needed support from the community for our COVID response efforts," said Paul McIntyre Royston, President and CEO of the Grand River Hospital Foundation. "However, as we are all aware, there is still work to be done. It is truly heartening to see members of the local business community reaching out to contribute to the cause in their own unique way, and what an impactful way to demonstrate your values and leadership. On behalf of the Grand River Hospital community, a sincere thanks to the JG Group for their remarkable, and much appreciated gift. It's because of you, and gifts like yours, that our care never stops."

Editor's Note: Thank you to JG Group of Companies for setting an example... and for the CARE that goes with it.

Above Photo - left to right: Shawky Fahel (JG Group), Shaddi Fahel (JG Group), Angela Olano (Grand River Hospital), Betty Bax (Grand River Hospital), Joshua Saranchuk (Grand River Hospital).