Lebada Motors donates $10,000 to Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 12/31/2020


Lebada Motors comes through for Women and Children in Crisis

'Lebada Motors sells cars, but they never forget about the needs of the communities they serve.'

Cambridge, ONTARIO - Stay home. Limit trips outside. Don’t gather in large groups. It is advice meant to keep Ontarians safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. For women and children experiencing domestic violence, it’s a nightmare. November 2020 marked Woman Abuse Prevention Month in the Waterloo region; an event which has taken on added significance this year. As the pandemic drags on and employment and economic challenges increase, the number of women seeking shelter from domestic violence has skyrocketed, all while financial support and fundraisers meant to sustain the Anselma House in Kitchener and Haven House in Cambridge have dwindled as a result of the cancellation of fundraising events.

Help Close To Home

However, despite the fallout from the Covid pandemic, there is help close to home.

Lebada Motors, one of Cambridge’s largest pre-owned vehicle dealership knew they had to step up and make a sizable donation to help keep families in the Waterloo region safe from domestic violence.

“We believe strongly in giving back to our community,” explains Andy Lebada, Director of Lebada Motors. “The pandemic has certainly been a challenge for businesses in Cambridge, including our own, but the pandemic’s effect on local charities has been even worse. Several events which they rely on for their annual budget have been cancelled, fundraising drives have been delayed and individual donations are down as people struggle with the economic effects of the pandemic. All this is happening at a time when the Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region (WCSWR) have been inundated with requests for help. We knew we had to step up and help as much as possible.”

A History Of Giving

Lebada Motors has a long history of donating to local and international charitable initiatives. In the past seven years, this company that sells cars, donated more than $155,000 to charities, including over $32,000 to the Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

This year, the need to support the WCSWR is greater than ever. In a recent news article, the Waterloo Police Service said that on average, they receive 16 domestic abuse calls for assistance every day. That’s one every 90 minutes.

Goal Achieved!

Lebada Motors set a goal of raising $10,000 for the WCSWR by November 30, 2020.They are please to announce that they achieved their goal.

“We’re very proud to be supporting the women’s emergency shelter,” explains Hicham Lebada. “While we’re proud of our contributions to the shelter, we’d like to do even more. That’s why we’re encouraging other businesses and dealership in Cambridge, Kitchener, and the entire Waterloo region, to step up and donate what they can. There is no greater cause than keeping families safe and protected in our community.”

The Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region operates two emergency shelters for abused women and their children - Anselma House in Kitchener and Haven House in Cambridge.

Lebada Motors would like to present a challenge to other local businesses to donate to the Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is the intentional and systematic use of tactics to establish and maintain power and control over the thoughts, beliefs, and conduct of a woman by creating fear and/or dependency.

The tactics include, but are not limited to, emotional, financial, physical and sexual abuse, as well as, intimidation, isolation, threats, using the children and using social status and privilege. Learn more about the signs of domestic violence or about making a safety plan.

Domestic violence includes the sum of all past acts of violence and the promise of future violence that achieves enhanced power and control for the perpetrator over the partner.

Abusive behaviour does not result from individual, personal or moral deficits, diseases, diminished intellect, addiction, mental illness, poverty or the other person’s behaviour or external events.

For more information about Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, visit the link below.

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