Puppy Scams continue to create victims as local family defrauded of nearly $4,000

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 05/18/2021


Guelph Police Service warns of ‘puppy scams’

'US-based breeder just kept making excuses and asking for more money.'

The Guelph Police Service is warning the public to be cautious when buying pets online, after several recent calls from residents who have been defrauded.

The most recent example, reported on Saturday, saw a Guelph father and daughter defrauded of almost $4,400 after arranging online to purchase a puppy from what they believed was an American breeder. After sending email money transfers for $850 US, which was to cover the cost of the Weimaraner puppy and a flight to ship the dog from Ohio to Toronto, the family was repeatedly asked for more money to cover vet bills, insurance and other expenses. The family transferred the funds for these additional expenses.

However last Friday, while the father and daughter were en route to Pearson International Airport to get their puppy, the 17-year-old daughter received a message that the dog was allegedly stuck at the border in Buffalo and could not enter Canada without more vaccinations. The alleged seller asked for an additional $3,000. At this point the Guelph family realized they had been scammed and made a police report.

Police believe the breeder’s website is fraudulent. The investigation is ongoing.