Constable Omar Mojadidi has always wanted to help others ... And he always has

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 06/02/2021

Constable Omar Mojadidi is at home doing what he loves to do

'Omar also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ryerson University.'

Constable Omar Mojadidi is at home doing what he loves to do

Growing up, Omar Mojadidi knew he would one day work in a field that allowed him to help others.

“It’s all I ever wanted to do,” he says. “Helping people and making a difference was always very important to me.”

Mojadidi moved to Canada from the Middle East in 2000 and grew up in Mississauga and Toronto. He graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2011, spending the next several years working in operating rooms throughout Ontario.

But, feeling the “need to serve his community in a more tangible way,” he traded in his hospital scrubs for a Waterloo Regional Police Service uniform in 2018.

“The people I have worked with in nursing and policing have been phenomenal and both offered me the chance to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing very vulnerable situations,” he says. “Policing is a career that challenges me each and every day and one that allows me to build long-term community relationships, which is very important to me.”

When it came time to choose what Police Service he wanted to work for, Constable Mojadidi didn’t hesitate.

“From day one, I knew WRPS was the right fit for me because there is a sense of belonging. It’s a big Service but feels like a small family where everyone knows your name and you feel appreciated every day.”

And, just like his time spent in the operating room, Constable Mojadidi gets to continue fulfilling his ultimate career goal – helping others.

“When a victim looks you in the eye and says ‘Thank you,’ you go home and know you’ve made a difference.

“And that,” he says, “feels very, very good.”