See The Amazing Time Lapse Video Demolition Of The Fountain Street Bridge Cambridge

By: Concrete Pictures for Priestly Demolition - on KW Now
| Published 05/13/2015


A Hive Of Steel Giants Make Short Work Of Solid Concrete And Rebar

Five Months To Build - 55 Years Of Service - 9 1/2 Hours To Demolish

There was an ominous, impending, sense of doom hanging in the air the night before the demolition of the Fountain Street Bridge. It has spanned the width of Canada's busiest highway for more than five decades and performed its job flawlessly throughout its tenure until progress announced that its services were no longer required.

Digging machines prepared the site for execution by unearthing its security blanket of soil at both ends and left it standing awaiting the green light.

9 1/2 Hours In A Remarkable 4 Minutes, 16 Seconds

What happened next, as you will witness, is nothing short of remarkable. The traffic stopped, thousands of vehicles were rerouted, a hive of giant machines arrived on the scene under the Priestly banner, and the concert of de-construction began.

Video Time Lapse by Jonathon Stewart - Concrete Pictures

PDI Cambridge, ON Bridge Demolition - Hwy 401/Fountain Rd. from Concrete Pictures

Let The Show Begin

Concrete Pictures co-founder Jonathon Stewart captured this amazing project for Priestly Demolition

Waiting for the hammer to fall

The day before the night before...

High can really DIG It!

Tongs Of Steel...

Functional Disconnection...

Where it was...

Rubble Without A Cause? On the contrary...on the contrary...

Panoramic view of the demolition scene