Waterloo Fire Rescue Virtual Home Smoke Alarm and Fire Safety Campaign 2021

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 07/08/2021


2021 virtual home smoke alarm and Fire Safety campaign

'Most fires are preventable. Through awareness, education & safety practices we can prevent the unthinkable from happening.'

Waterloo, Ontario -- The summer season has arrived and Waterloo Fire Rescue has launched their 2021 virtual home smoke alarm and fire safety program.

"Prior to COVID, our firefighters would visit 4500 homes in Waterloo every summer and educate residents on home fire and life safety. This year we cannot visit in-person; however we offer many safety and awareness resources to keep you and your loved ones safe from fire," said John Percy, Public Education Officer for Fire Rescue Services.

In 2020, 114 people in Ontario died in fires. This represents a 35 per cent increase over a 10-year period. This year as of May 19 there has been 54 deaths in Ontario. “We have to take fire safety in the home seriously while we are staying home more due to COVID,” says Waterloo Fire Chief Richard Hepditch. “You need to ensure that you have working and non-expired smoke alarms and practice a fire drill at home with your loved ones with at least two ways out”.

Most fires are preventable. We need to be prepared. Through awareness, education and safety practices we can prevent the unthinkable from happening to our loved ones.

Several times in recent years, a young family member who had gained safety knowledge as a student at the Children's Safety Village, awoke and had the presence of mind, to awaken others and lead their family members out of a home fire to safety. Through education, they knew what to do and some of them became recipients of the Children's Hero Award.

Fires happen in many ways. Working smoke alarms are key to saving lives because you only have a few minutes to get to safety before you or a family member is overcome by flames and smoke. Parents and children must remind each other the importance of both smoke alarms and a workable escape plan. Some who did not have paid a tragic price.

In June, the top ignition sources of fires were:

* Cooking equipment

* Barbecues

* Smoking

* Electrical fires

Great safety resources Available Now

Waterloo Fire Rescue encourages residents to check out our many resources, videos and photos at our Community business listing on KwNow. Children and adults can learn about home fire and life safety. Follow the link below to a better understanding of what you can do to prevent fires in your home or residence.

We encourage you to view the entertaining and informative video: Fire Safety Smart with Timon and Pumbaa. It's Produced by Disney and it's tremendous. Get ready because you WILL be prepared after you've watched it.

If you know of a young person or an adult who could benefit from this summer's fire safety awareness campaign, please forward the links onto them and make 2021 the safest year ever.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be In The Know.