Submit Your Pet Photos And Vote In The 2022 Humane Society's Pet Calendar Photo Contest

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 07/23/2021


5,500+ Votes Already Cast - All Proceeds Help Animals In Need At Your Local Humane Society

'Could your cat be as famous as Justin BiebPURR ... Just waiting to be discovered?'

KITCHENER WATERLOO STRATFORD PERTH, ONTARIO: This month, the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (HSKWSP) is running its first ever pet calendar photo contest sponsored by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The initiative will help raise the much-needed funds for costly medical procedures and care of shelter animals.

For a $10 contest entry fee, pet owners compete to have their animal companion featured in the 2022 pet calendar. The community will determine the 12 winners by voting for their favourite contest entry. Each vote costs $1 (with a minimum of five votes required). The winners will also receive a professional pet photoshoot from Victor Rose Photography. Get your photos in, winners will have their pet photographed for the calendar by Victor Rose, so the photo shot doesn't need to be puuuurfect to submit the photo. It's the subject that counts.

“Since the contest launched at the beginning of July, we received 57 entries and over 5,500 votes.” said Teaghan Blackmore, Community Engagement Coordinator, Campaigns & Digital Events at HSKWSP.

Along with their pet’s photo, contestants are asked to submit a short bio of their pet. Over 70% of entries received so far are animals adopted from HSKWSP or from other rescue organizations.

“The bios really help the photo of the pet come to life and we were pleasantly surprised that many of the entries were of pets adopted from our humane society.” added Blackmore.

The majority of the contestants are cats and dogs, but some unique pets were entered as well. A pair of rats named Peng Deilan and Avery Ho are in 19th place and the current frontrunner is a hairless cat named Fenwick.

There is one week left for anyone interested in entering the contest, casting a vote for their favorite pet, or placing a pre-order for the 2022 pet calendar. Winners will be announced on HSKWSP social media shortly after the contest closes on July 30th at 1pm. Current entries and additional information about the contest are available on the HSKWSP website.

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