Dwindling group of unvaccinated cite 'personal freedom' and 'health concerns' main reasons for dodging the jab

By: Kw Now Local News - Angus Reid Institute Study
| Published 11/03/2021

Conservatives and PPC Voters are holdouts

Dwindling group of unvaccinated cite 'personal freedom' and 'health concerns' as main reasons

'Three-quarters of Canada’s unvaccinated say vaccine side effects more serious than virus itself. Conservatives and PPC holdouts.'

CANADA - November 3, 2021 – The fourth wave of COVID-19 has been called a pandemic of the unvaccinated and while Canada’s vaccination efforts have been very successful, there is still eight per cent of the population holding out.

New data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds unvaccinated Canadians’ top reasons for avoiding the jab are “personal freedom” and “health concerns”. One-third also say the main reason they have not been vaccinated is because COVID-19 is not a serious health threat.

Indeed, nearly all (90%) of the unvaccinated believe the health risks of COVID-19 are overstated while 84 per cent believe their immune system alone is good enough to fight the infection.

UnVaccinated By Political Party

Seven-in-ten (68%) of all those who have not been vaccinated supported the CPC (32%) or PPC (36%) in the last federal election. The third largest segment of unvaccinated Canadians (13%) responded that they did note vote in the last election:

More Key Findings:

  • Men – and in particular, those aged 18 to 34 – refuse to be vaccinated at a higher rate than women. One-in-ten (12%) young men say they will not get the vaccine.

  • Misinformation appears to be playing a significant role among the unvaccinated as well. A majority (55%) agree with the statement “COVID-19 is a conspiracy that is all about government control.”