Neighbours spread kindness across Waterloo - Would you like to nominate a neighbour?

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 02/03/2022

Good Neighbours are GOOD to Have

Neighbours spread kindness across Waterloo - Good Neighbours are GOOD to Have.

'Anyone can nominate a neighbour in the City of Waterloo for acts of kindness, generosity and neighbourhood spirit.'

Neighbours are an important source of day-to-day help and community connection, and their kindness continues to spread across Waterloo.

Last year, the City of Waterloo neighbourhoods team launched the neighbourhood kindness campaign, to increase awareness of what it means to be a good neighbour, and to recognize people who do something great, big or small, in their neighbourhood.

“Caring and kind neighbours improve our quality of life and make Waterloo a great place to live,” says Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky. “It’s heartwarming to know so many people are making positive contributions to their neighbourhood, especially during these difficult times.”

The neighbourhoods team received over 120 nominations in 2021, including one from Kimberly who appreciates her neighbor Todd: “I can't tell you how many times after a snowfall I have looked out the window and Todd is snowblowing the block's sidewalks so we can all be out safely,” she says. Other neighbourly nominations range from picking up groceries, helping in emergencies, organizing physically-distanced events, and welcoming new neighbours. These acts of kindness demonstrate a true commitment to making Waterloo a community where everyone belongs. Sharing time, energy and resources through kindness has made a tremendous positive impact on neighbours and neighbourhoods.

What kinds of things does a kind neighbour do? Maybe they:

  • pick up groceries for an isolated neighbour,
  • manage a neighbourhood community on social media,
  • coordinate a community garden or outdoor rink,
  • take care of a community message board or a newsletter,
  • host neighbourhood events such as movie nights, porch parties, rallies, concerts or barbeques,
  • organize a neighbourhood tree planting,
  • welcome a new neighbour to the area,
  • fundraise for a neighbourhood playground, and/or
  • show kindness in many, many other ways!

Anyone can nominate a neighbour in the City of Waterloo for their acts of kindness, generosity and neighbourhood spirit. Every nominee receives a thank you package and nominated neighbours are entered into an annual draw for a surprise.

  • Submit a quick and easy nomination to describe your kind neighbour’s contributions at the link below
  • Help spread the word about this program
  • Be a caring and kind neighbour!

Learn more about Waterloo neighbourhoods, including our Block Connector program, the Neighbourhood Matching Fund, mini grants, neighbourhood associations and more, please visit the link below.