Local group warns Ford government plans unprecedented for-profit privatization of our health care

By: Waterloo Region Health Coalition
| Published 03/15/2022


Local group warns Ford government plans unprecedented for-profit privatization of health care

'Waterloo Region Health Coalition to hold summit to fight privatization and protect public health care services.'

The Ford government is engaging in unprecedented health care privatization. Recently, Health Minister Christine

Elliott announced plans to expand private for-profit clinics and hospitals in Ontario. The Ford government is midway in allocating more than 18,000 long-term care beds to for-profit companies in 30-year contracts unless we stop them; the majority going to the same companies responsible for thousands of deaths and horrific conditions – in fact the highest death rates – in the pandemic.

Despite many repeated announcements, Ford has not reinstated comprehensive inspections nor improved care levels in long-term care, has not addressed the staffing crisis across health care, and has plans for years of budget austerity after the election. It doesn’t stop there. Ford is privatizing the last remaining public parts of home care. His government has strictly curtailed access to public COVID testing while at the same time contracting for-profit clinics to do testing, has privatized COVID vaccinations, and is allowing those private for-profit testing clinics to charge patients up to $400 for COVID tests.

The Waterloo Region Health Coalition is holding an Emergency Summit by Zoom to build the biggest fight-back we have ever mounted. Our goal is to protect and improve our vital public health care services and stop the unprecedented for-profit privatization of health care. The Ontario Health Coalition & Waterloo Region Health

Coalition, a non-partisan public watchdog for health care, intend to set the threat to our public health care as a key election issue and push all political parties to make commitments to safeguard public health care, stop privatization and address the urgent needs to improve care and staffing.

We are expecting a large crowd at the Emergency Summit.

When: See listing below, advance registration is required. Upon registering you will be sent a Zoom link. (Register at link below.)

Tuesday April 5. Waterloo Region Health Coalition at 7:00 pm

Register in advance at link below.


Jim Stewart, chair, Waterloo Region Health Coalition

Natalie Mehra, executive director, Ontario Health Coalition

DJ Sanderson, RN, vice president, Ontario Nurses’ Association

Roch Longueepee, patient advocate

Zaid Noorsumar, journalist and investigative researcher

For more information: Jim Stewart at (519) 588-5841 or waterlooregionhealthcoalition@gmail.com