Ice Cream. Ice Cream. We All Help Our Hospital With Ice Cream!

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 04/12/2022

Ice Cream. Ice Cream. We All Help Our Hospital With Ice Cream!

Ice Cream. Ice Cream. We All Help Our Hospital With Ice Cream!

Spring is finally here, and so is the return of Grand River Hospital Foundation’s collaboration with Four All Ice Cream!
'Our Heroes Eat Ice Cream is a DELICIOUS custom ice cream flavour created to honour our frontline health care workers.'

Handcrafted and locally sourced, Our Heroes Eat Ice Cream is a custom flavour created to honour the incredible efforts and hard work of frontline health care workers throughout the pandemic. This special, limited time flavour features lemon, lavender and blueberry. When you purchase Our Heroes Eat Ice Cream, you will also make a direct impact on local health care—proceeds from each sale will support cancer care at Grand River Hospital.

Get yours starting on April 9th, 2022 at the Four All Ice Cream Scoop Shop in Waterloo (75 King St. South (Willis Way), Waterloo, ON), or ORDER Your Heroes Eat Ice Cream at link below.

We All Help With Ice Cream! Colaboration Story

We are so excited to share that we at the Grand River Hospital Foundation and Four All Ice Cream are delighted to introduce our new collaboration and creation of a summer ice cream, in honour of the front line health care workers.

Handcrafted, locally sourced and dubbed, Our Heroes Eat Ice Cream, the flavour features lemon, lavender and blueberry. Proceeds from the sales from the ice cream will be donated to to support the health care workers at Grand River through the Blue Ribbon Fund.

These are the special connections to our community that Grand River Hospital is all about - working with local businesses in support of the incredible commitment of all our team members have demonstrated during the pandemic - it’s win-win.

This partnership builds on the success of the Foundation's Grand Venture store with more than 18,000 shirts, signs and masks purchased in support of the front line over the last year.

“Community collaborations have always been something we’ve embraced, and especially after the difficult year health care workers have faced, it’s a pleasure to partner to support them,” explained Ajoa Mintah, Founder + CEO of Four All. “The flavour was inspired by health and well-being, great flavours, and the hospital’s blue and gold colours.”

Our Heroes Eat Ice Cream (Lemon Blueberry Lavender)

Zesty lemon & soothing lavender ice cream bursting with heart-healthy blueberries is the flavour profile flavour in collaboration with Grand River Hospital Foundation. ? Gluten-free

Proceeds from the sale of this flavour will be donated to support Cancer Care at Grand River Hospital.


Sweet Cream Base (Milk, Cream, Sugars (cane sugar, liquid invert sugar), Skim Milk Powder, Egg Yolk, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum), Blueberry Compote (Blueberries, Sugars (cane sugar), Citric Acid), Lemon Syrup (Sugars (cane sugar), Lemon), Lavender, dried

Contains: Milk, Egg