Majority of Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement, would pursue after Elizabeth II dies

By: Kw Now News - Angus Reid Institute Study
| Published 04/21/2022

Aren't the Flowers Lovely? (Majority of Canadians could think the fairy tale is over.)

The Queen at 96: Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement after Elizabeth II dies

'Prospects of ‘King Charles’ and ‘Queen Camilla’ received coldly by Canadians.' (Does Buckingham Palace have a serious PR problem?)

April 21, 2022 – While Canadians may from their hearts be toasting Queen Elizabeth II on her 96th birthday, enthusiastic congratulations over a rare personal milestone do not translate into widespread support for the institution the oldest ever British monarch represents.

The latest public opinion data on the future of the monarchy in Canada from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds people in this part of the realm more supportive of other nations severing ties with the British monarchy, while at least half of the country hope to do the same here in the future.

Indeed, three-in-five say that it is the right decision for countries such as Barbados and Jamaica to free themselves from British colonialism. Further, half (51%) say Canada should not remain a monarchy in coming generations. One-quarter (26%) would keep this tradition and form of government in place, while a similar number are unsure (24%).

While some of this shift may be attributable to evolving mores and values, it also may be driven by the current line of succession. While 55 per cent of Canadians are supportive of remaining a constitutional monarchy as long as the Queen reigns, this drops to 34 per cent for the same arrangement under “King Charles”.

As to changing times, when asked about the values that are represented by the Royal Family, a handful (5%) say that these are modern, while ten times that many (49%) say that they are outdated.

More Key Findings:

• Three-in-five (59%) Canadians say they will be affected when the Queen dies. Those 55 years of age and older are most likely to say this, including three-quarters (76%) of women in that age group.

• Half of Canadians say the Royal Family is no longer relevant to them personally, while 25 per cent say it is just as relevant as ever (23%), or more so (2%).

• The Queen is viewed favourably by 63 per cent of Canadians, edging out Prince William (60%) for top spot. Three-in-ten view Charles in this way (29%) and 13 per cent say the same of Prince Andrew.