Kitchener's new 'Love My Business' program supports suburban businesses

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 05/05/2022


Kitchener's new 'Love My Business' program supports suburban businesses

'New program supports local businesses by assisting them to attract new customers and re-engaging past customers.'

Kitchener, Ontario – Beginning today, suburban businesses across Kitchener will be able to apply to be part of the City's Love My Business program. This past April, Council approved the Love My Business program, which supports local businesses in suburban areas of Kitchener that were impacted by the pandemic. As part of the Make It Kitchener 2.0 Economic Recovery Framework, this new program supports local businesses by assisting them in attracting new customers and re-engaging past customers. Applications are now open, and businesses have until October 2022 to apply.

"Supporting local business has been a priority throughout the pandemic and also as we look forward to the months ahead. The pandemic has had a major impact on many businesses, and the City is committed to helping them build back better," said Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic. "With continued support like the new Love My Business program, I look forward to seeing more collaboration and building more partnerships, so we can see all of our local businesses that have been hit by the pandemic continue to thrive for many years in the future."

"Suburban businesses are integral to neighbourhoods and economic growth throughout Kitchener," said Councillor Paul Singh. "The Love My Business program was developed in consultation with the Kitchener business community and supports the City's strategic goal of creating a vibrant economy."

The Love My Business program aims to inspire residents to support businesses in their neighbourhoods while creating connections that allow businesses to collaborate with other local businesses. As part of the program, the City provides funding for partnership events among Kitchener businesses, collaborative marketing initiatives, and one-to-one consultation with City staff to help support digital content creation.

"We have seen so many businesses experience some of the most challenging conditions in the past couple of years. This new program aims to work collaboratively with businesses specifically to support community connections and customer relationships," Jordan Dolson, Love My Business Marketing & Program Coordinator, City of Kitchener. "The Love My Business program provides customized support to businesses in suburban areas, helps increase entrepreneurship opportunities and enriches community connections."

A total of $100,000 will be allocated to support suburban businesses most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through the program. Businesses can apply to participate in the program until Oct. 31, 2022.

For more information about the program and eligibility, visit the link below: