KWNow Privacy Policy

As an Internet user, you have the right to expect any website to disclose its privacy policies which explain how your personal information is collected, used, and shared. You also have a responsibility to choose which websites you feel comfortable disclosing such information to.

Item A: Why do you need my personal information for Member Registration and site submitted information?

In order to provide community services and benefits, KWNow requires and maintains a very limited amount of your personal information given during Registration and for materials submitted by you to the website. This information is used primarily for us to contact you and to confirm that you live or work in the service area of this website since this website makes available many services only for those that live or work in the community. Your identifying information also protects your uniqueness as a website Member, preventing others from using the same log-in or screen name.

We may also compile general information that is not personally identifiable to you as an individual to create generic demographic profiles of the users of this website for the purpose of bringing more relevant content and services to the website. This general information may also be provided to third parties such as advertisers or prospective advertisers who support these efforts. Your name, email, phone and address is not provided in this general information.

Item B: Who has access to my Member Registration and site submitted materials information?

The privacy of your personal information is a paramount concern of Now Local Media. Our employees, contractors, and partners are also Members and users of the website. All registration and site submitted personal information, and use thereof, is reasonably safeguarded. You hereby consent to Now Local Media, its server network operations and software development agents accessing and/or archiving this information. Now Local Media may disclose your registration information if required by law or in good faith belief that the disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the website Terms of Service, to comply with a legal process, to respond to information of potential violations of third party rights, or to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of KWNow and its users. Otherwise, your personal information will not be made available to third parties without your consent.

Under no circumstances will your personal information be willingly distributed or made available to advertisers or other third parties for commercial business use.

The information you entrust to us is protected on a professionally managed web server and the site uses professionally produced, non-open source software. Now Local Media, along with its network operations and software development agents have made and continue to make substantial efforts to achieve a well protected website operations environment. However, neither Now Local Media, nor any website operator, can completely guarantee that your information will be immune from unauthorized access. Hence, we only require a minimal amount of personal information to use services on the website.

Item C: What about Cookies?

KWNow users are required to have Cookies enabled on their computers. We rely on this technology to allow you to access your Member Only areas and to participate in some services in the general public area of the website. Once initially logged-in, you will not be prompted for your log-in name and password again unless you log out or experience a prolonged period of inactivity.

KWNow also provides web services from third parties, such as advertising systems, on the website and as such these parties may also use Cookies in the course of providing their services to you.

Item D: Is any of my information public?

Please be aware that, while your Registration and site submitted personally identifiable information is not provided to third parties without your consent, except for the unusual aforementioned reasons, many of the listing submission forms require contact information such as name, email address and phone number. In such cases, you can select which pieces of information you want others to see on the live website.

If you use the specific email address area within the websites' forms, your email address will not become available to the public nor to spammers who spider (data mine) the website for such addresses. However, many forms allow you to declare whether to display your personal information or not. We urge you to always use caution and discretion when posting any personally identifying information about yourself or your household.

Item E: KWNow Liability Disclaimer:

KW Now! specifically disclaims any liability with regard to any actions resulting from your submissions and postings to the public portion of the website. Generally, any communication which you post to the website is considered to be non-confidential and must comply with the Terms of Service.

Item F: Changes to This Privacy Policy:

KWNow may from time to time update our Privacy Policy. Please review this page from time to time for any changes.

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