Komatsu Electric Forklift AE50 Series

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Komatsu AE50
Komatsu AE50

Komatsu Electric Forklift AE50 Series

Capacity 3,000 lbs / 3,500 lbs / 4,000 lbs

  •     Electric Forklift
  •     Airtight Wet Disc Brake System
  •     Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering System
  •     IP X4 Waterproof Standard Specification
  •     Side Battery Access
  •     Ergonomic Combination Lever
  •     KOPS Komatsu Operator Presence System
  •     Excellent Visibility
  •     Easy Access for Entry and Exit


Capacity: 3,000 LBS / 3,500 LBS / 4,000 LBS | Tire Type: Cushion / Pneumatic

 Power Type: Electric 48V | Mast Lowered: 84.4 - 89" | Mast Height: 167.5 - 168.1"

 The Best Solution for your Application

Komatsu’s electric counterbalanced forklifts bring bold improvements to the market with significant reductions in total operating costs while improving truck performance and productivity..

Komatsu’s AE50 and AM50 Series of four-wheel and three-wheel electric cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts feature innovative engineering ideas to show Komatsu’s commitment to fulfilling customer needs, conserving or environment, and reducing total cost of ownership

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