Blue Warning Forklift Safety Light

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Blue Warning Forklift Safety Light
Blue Warning Forklift Safety Light

Blue Warning Forklift Safety Light

Do you have the right equipment for the job and the safety measures in place to protect employees? Keeping employees safe at work, no matter their shift or location, isn’t easy. Danger lurks in many forms, often resulting in workplace injuries.

Wayco believes that no price can be put on workplace safety, but with a cost of $89.95 each, there is no reason why this essential safety solution should not be standard equipment on all forklifts and personnel carriers.

In addition to robust operation and industry-leading durability, the blue forklift safety light also comes with outstanding warranty offering lifetime protection.

The pedestrian blue warning forklift safety light projects an intense blue or red light on the floor in front or behind the approaching forklift’s path, warning pedestrians of its approach and direction. The blue forklift safety light is manufactured from die-cast aluminum, and delivers multi-voltage functionality, ranging from 12 to 96 volts. It is manufactured with CREE LED lights for the utmost in light projection and durability.


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