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The Hyper-Local Community Experience


Do More Locally For Less

The online world never sleeps, and neither do we at Now Local Community Websites. Our platforms act as gateways to thousands of local websites and to the business people behind them.

From REAL community news, and content, to effective, innovative marketing tools for local businesses both small and large, our hyper-local platform has been "Online Only" for longer than any other media company  in the area.

For over 15 years we have offered local businesses real  marketing solutions giving them the ability to add and change their online content through our platform. Having experienced successful results, many of our advertising clients have been with us from the beginning... many others have been loyal clients for more than a decade.

Comprehensive Suite Of Business Tools Giving You A Local Marketing Advantage

Doing more and discovering more in your own backyard has never been more important for families, individuals and small business. Now Local has been connecting residents with local businesses securely for more than 15 years, while protecting and respecting the privacy of our membership in the process.

Self Publish To Our Region And Beyond

Our self-publishing online solutions enable both business owners and residents to post events, jobs, resumes, blogs, classifieds and much more right from their own computers and devices. Individual residents can post FREE, Businesses can post for a reasonable FEE. (Businesses can post Jobs for Free.)

What We Do

  • Deliver a loyal local audience to you as a business owner & extend your Local reach
  • Audience demographic is 18 – 64 + years of age
  • Monthly pageviews -350k-400k (In Kw)
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Improve your SEO
  • AND ...We have a tremendous suite of online marketing and advertising tools to help you reach the community

Our Unique Micro Site Business Listing Package

It's Like Having A Second Website

For some business customers, our Micro Site Business Listing is the only internet presence they have.They buy a domain name, point it at their listing, and in less than one day, they have a comprehensive web presence with all the business tools they'll need to have effective local online visibility.

Most businesses however, use their Micro Site Business Listing to enhance their existing web presence by using our self-publishing features to keep their company's products & services constantly in front of the local marketplace.

To be visible 24/7/365 in your own backyard contact us about the Micro Site Business Package.

Public Relations & Media Coverage

Public Relations, Press Releases, Press Announcements

Now Local Media is committed to keeping residents, businesses, and organizations in the information loop. Serving an area of 750,000 residents, we Create and publish press releases, announcements on our local sites informing the community what's going on in our communities.

  • Corporate Changes
  • New Products
  • New Hires
  • News Stories
  • Promotions
  • Community Partnerships
  • Events
  • Jobs / Employment Opportunities

Hire Us For Special Coverage

Now Local Media can help publicize your events throughout the community. As a true community resource our news portals take pride in our commitment to serving area businesses, organizations and residents. We participate in events such as:

  • Fundraisers
  • Community Events and Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Seminars and Lectures
  • Grand Openings / Re-Openings
  • Celebrations
  • Holiday Activities
  • Special Promotions

We Specialize in the following Areas

* Advertising - Banner Ads - Business Branding

Our Banner Ads are great for local branding and act as gateways to more content and information on both your Now Local Business Listing and to your own website.

* Advertising - Multimedia

Leave static promotions and advertising behind. Embrace creative new ways and mediums to be visible to the community

* Advertising - Opt-In Email Newsletters / Alerts

We can send your company news messages to thousands of our membership and followers.

* Advertising - Site Sponsorships

- Your company brand can be visible throughout our entire platform

* Advertising - Text Ads

- Our version of an AdWords style feature only with a stronger local click-thru rate because non-invasive and it's perceived as being local.

* Sponsored Content

Place relevant content blogs, photos, videos, product releases into Targeted areas of our site.

* Business Directory - MicroSite / Self-Publishing  (Comprehensive Business Tools)

There isn't  a Business Listing platform out there that can touch our suite of local marketing tools

* Business Directory - Enhanced/Featured Listing  (Do more, reach further)

Rise to the top of your business category by featuring your brand at the top of the list (Limited slots available)

* Promotions - Contests

Let us help you promote your Business Products & Services by sponsoring a Contest

* Promotions - Marketplace - Showcase Product & Services 

Bring your products & services out of the background and get them in front of our site membership and visitors

* Promotions - Event Marketing and Promotion

Have an event or a product launch coming up? Let our PR department get it in front of a local audience.

* Promotions - Local Specials / Coupons, Local Deals

Kind of like a Local Groupon except you can launch as many campaigns you desire for an affordable yearly fee without losing your shirt on the deal. (It's not a good deal for ALL if you lose money getting new users.)

* Website Design and Management

If you need a new web presence, we can get you there within your budget. And when you connect your company website to our local community Micro Site Business Listing, it's like having TWO websites out there working together for you.

* Business Profile Story

Tell your business story to the community. It can include text, photos and video. They are actively available and LIVE for one year.

* Content Marketing

We can create blog content, graphics, rich media and bite-sized pieces of your business story. Why not showcase your employees, products and sales people?

* Video Ads

Video is where everything is going. If a  picture is worth a thousand words... a moving video story takes your marketing initiatives to a whole new level. Let us create a video program for you.

* Video Production & Promotion

When you're ready to tell your corporate stories more effectively, we can take your video project from start to finish. Or perhaps you'd like to have your own video show on our local websites? Would you like to stand out as an expert in your field or business category? Let's talk about what "YOUR SHOW" would look like.

Business Channels Categorized By Industry

Our system of search-and-find works differently than anything else available. Connecting with community residents and community businesses has never been easier. Our  business directory is broken down into Category Channels. Whatever your business is, there is a Channel Category for it and you have the option of narrowing your focus and targeting your marketing initiatives to specific areas of interest. Your site searches are focused on the businesses in the immediate area. Your search results are not cluttered with YELP, TRIP Advisor and other distracting BIG search engine homepage results. Our results return all of the businesses in a specific category for you to choose from (Not just the ones who index well in traditional Search Engines.You can actually pick individual businesses out of the entire list from the region. Client's can upgrade their busnesses so they appear among the TOP business returns in each of the Channel Categories. (Some businesses are relevant in more than one category.)

Looking For An Edge In Your Industry? We Can Help. What's Your Category Channel?

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Modules / Auto Guide Listings

Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Property Managers have the opportunity of showcasing their homes, properties and buildings in front of the community with a multitude of cost effective options. You may embed videos, a raft of photos, virtual tours and open houses right from your self-publishing dashboard. AUTO dealers and smaller vehicle sales enterprizes can post as many vehicles as they wish for a (reasonable) flat annual fee. For a modest additional fee, we can help you get your properties, vehicles, products and services in front of thousands of local members and followers.

Local Deals & Coupons / Business Marketplace / Local Classifieds

Businesses can take advantage and have a local edge by activating their Specials, Coupons and Local Deals function in their publishing dashboard instead of going the GroupOn route where it gets rather costly to attract new users from a individual deal profitability standpoint. Our Marketplace Module postings enables you to showcase as many products and services you desire throughout the year. You can elect to pay a reasonable additional fee to have your Marketplace items circulate throughout the site, or pass your offers along to our opt-In followers and registered membership. Classifieds enable all site members to post items for sale or for free in a non-business only capacity.

Comprehensive Jobs Module, Events Modules, And Business Listing Spotlight

Jobs Listings

Registered Businesses may post job opportunities and accept resumes as part of their business publishing package. They may post and delete listings without needing to involve our staff. Non registered businesses may post jobs At Large without cost but require approval from our administration. Employment agencies may post as many job opportunities as they wish with a paid annual publishing account.

Events Listings

Below a registered member for free and post the non-commercial events which are important to you. Registered businesses with an annual paid publishing package may post as many business related and non-business related events without interacting with our administrative staff.

Appear In Our Business Spotlight

Businesses that have a business publishing package may have their business featured in our Business Spotlight section for a fee. It's a great way to showcase your businesses Products & Services.

Banner Ad Sizes

Banner Ad campaigns are effective branding strategies in Local Markets. With a publishing package, our banners can lead to a multitude of other content options within our site or to our client's site. Either way, site visitors feel comfortable dealing with our Local Sites and with Local Businesses within their community.

Our three largest display banner configurations appear above the site  masthead. The giant 970x250 is reserved for our Platinum package clients. All other banner configurations appear down the right hand column and various locations throughout the site content pages. Sponsored content can be highlighted to any locations, channels or content pages on the site maximizing you options and visibility.

About Sponsored Content :

Sponsored Content is a great feature to flag prospects and provide advertorial on any aspect of your business services. And, Sponsored Content can be highlighted anywhere around the site or targeted to a specific Channel Topic page. No matter what your business field, we've got a Targeted Channel for you.

 Year 'Round Visibility For Less Than Traditional Mediums

Cost Effective Monthly Packages

The majority  of our monthly publishing packages cost less than a ONE NIGHT insertion in a small market print publication or newspaper.

Welcome to the hyper-local experience

With thousands of monthly users, our loyal audience relies on us to provide or connect them to all their local virtual needs - so much so we rival the national brands. WE have a platform with dynamic features and functionality which cannot be matched by any other media outlets in the area --or anywhere in Canada. We   are a unique online community news and business resource, which needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Do More, Reach Further For Less

Would You Like To Reach Customers in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph / Wellington?

If your service or business can benefit from reaching customers or prospects in the Quad-City Area... we can help.  Now Local Media sites Offer Local Businesses the ability to market in three local geographical areas: Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph / Wellington. Buy one market and SAVE. Buy multiple markets and SAVE even more.

Contact Us Regarding Pricing

Showing Your Community Face And Increasing Local Recognition By Sponsoring A Non-Profit

Now Local understands the needs of our communities. Non-Profit organizations and volunteerism are behind many of the biggest success stories in every community in Canada. That is why Now Local Media offers non-profits the business tools to be more visible in our community at no cost. However, for those businesses or individuals who would welcome community recognition we don't mind sharing our passion for community stewardship with others (YOU).

Would you like to become involved to show your community face? If you're interested in sponsoring a non-profit, we can take you there and reward you with community recognition for becoming involved. And you will be making a difference at the same time. We have a list of non-profits waiting for sponsorship. Contact us Today about sponsoring a non-profit.

And if you're a non-profit, contact us today about taking your visibility to the next level. Contact us Today

Never, Never, Ever

What You CAN Expect From Us

Over the last few years, people have had their personal information and privacy details shared, violated, compromised, and often sold to third parties or affliates by some of the biggest social media platforms and digital players in the world. It has happened without a full understanding of the implications. We believe this is unacceptable.

At Now Local, we're your neighbours, we respect your privacy. And we guarantee that we will  NEVER share, sell, trade, or give access to our membership’s personal information (unless required by Law)  with anyone—EVER!

Our sites are SECURE and free to the end user.

Sharing Basic Contact Info To Protect The Integrity Of The Site Content & Other Site Members

What We DO Need From You

When you become a FREE member as a community individual or as a local business person administering a paid-for-services-account, we ask that you enter your full name, address, contact information, and your age - Above/Under 13 years of age. The required information will be indicated by stars *. We need to know that you are who you are and that you live in the local area, so that our sites can remain secure and out of reach of questionable online outsider activities. It also enables you to enter local site contests, participate in local promotions and post real community content on your own without being flagged or first being approved by us before publication. It preserves the over all user experience and the integrity of our community sites. In today's online world it just makes good sense. Thank you in advance for sharing our concerns.

Learn more about Free Membership, Advertising and FAQ's


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