What If, No Matter - Tom Paxton & The Don Juans


What if, No Matter is a song  about the availability of guns and mass shootings.

Tom Paxton has become a voice of his generation, addressing issues of injustice and inhumanity, laying bare the absurdities of modern culture and celebrating the tenderest bonds of family, friends, and community.

Hundreds of other artists have recorded his songs, including Bob Dylan; Johnny Cash; Willie Nelson; Dolly Parton; Judy Collins; John Denver; Joan Baez; and Peter, Paul and Mary.

“Thirty years ago Tom Paxton taught a generation of traditional folk singers that it was noble to write your own songs, and, like a good guitar, he just gets better with age." - Guy Clark

Tags: Gun control, justice, mass shootings, Tom Paxton and the Don Juans

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