What your customers value, has changed! Has your pitch?


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What your customers value, has changed! Has your pitch?

In a past video and in my book (links below) I've spoken about the concepts of Value and ROI and how Salespeople often get these two VERY different concepts confused!

ROI is an objective statistic that can be formulated, measured, and calculated. Value is a subjective feeling that can vary wildly in different selling situations and is the TRUE driver of buying behavior.

But the reality is, those feelings of value can change depending on the circumstances your customer finds themselves in. For example, we all know that a bottle of water can fetch a higher price at a concession stand at an airport or sporting event than at your local grocery store. In this case, the buyer is forced to value convenience and availability over price.

However, consider an equally illustrative example of a hospital buying masks and other PPE during "normal" times vs. during a pandemic. In a typical situation the medical buyer may value price and quality. But at the height of a pandemic where PPE is scarce and badly needed, price sensitivity may take a backseat to speed and availability.

So the question is, how has what YOUR customer values changed in recent weeks and months and how are you adapting your pitch and message accordingly?

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