Why you should delete your social media accounts now


Jaron Lanier is considered one of the fathers of virtual reality and a veteran of silicon valley. In his book 'Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now', Lanier contends that sites like Facebook and Twitter are dopamine farms that are reprogramming how you think and feel. He says they're also causing political instability, and are changing the global economy for the worse.

"Even if a minority of people become skeptics of social media technology and delete their accounts, that minority is enough to have the conversation. Here's the analogy I'll make: if every single person in society is a drunk it's going to be impossible to have a conversation about the problems of alcoholism," says Lanier.

"We need to have this conversation. Social media is ruining society. We are not the customer. The advertisers are the customers. We are the users. Social media modifies our behavior, then delivers us to the advertisers. We either don't know or refuse to accept that this is how it is," says Lanier.



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