Interstellar voyage to find the Second Earth


Interstellar Voyage To Find The Second Earth

There's been life on earth for the best part of 4 billon years. A marvelous complex biosphere, created, shaped and reformed by the ever-shifting forces of our planet. Since the dawn of science we've sought out life and studied its remarkable diversity on nearly every inch of the globe. The technology of the 20th century took our search into space as we scoured our neighbouring planets for signs of a second genesis and came back empty handed. But what about beyond our solar system? Could life in all its complexity exist out there on a planet among the stars? For as long as we've had eyes to see and minds to wonder we've marvelled at the wonders in the sky. But it was only on the eve of the 21st century that a handfull of eccentric thinkers dared to gaze into the gloom between the stars believing planets like our own world could be found out there.

This documentary is about possibilities. Not the ramblings of some new age religion. Could there be a second earth like planet? And will we be able to find it before it's too late.

Tags: are we alone, interstellar travel, space exploration

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