Introduction to Objectivism, by Leonard Peikoff


Introduction to Objectivism

In this video, philosopher Leonard Peikoff presents the essentials of Ayn Rand’s philosophy to a group of students, then answers their questions. Peikoff, who was Rand’s friend and associate for three decades, is the author of Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand and is the preeminent authority on her ideas. This presentation, recorded in San Francisco in 1995 by the Ayn Rand Institute, features a 42-minute lecture followed by a 33-minute Q&A session.

Questions and Answers:

0:45:21 Q&A #1: How can selfishness be compatible with respecting other people's rights? 0:48:09 Q&A #2: Does the term "objective" have different meanings? 0:50:17 Q&A #3: Who would regulate the economy under laissez-faire capitalism? 0:54:53 Q&A #4: Are people programmed by the culture they are raised in? 0:57:57 Q&A #5: What will happen to the needy under capitalism? 1:02:55 Q&A #6: Does government have a role in disease control and education? 1:06:11 Q&A #7: Who would fund medical research if government didn't? 1:08:35 Q&A #8: How do you know that reason is the only means of knowledge? 1:11:27 Q&A #9: In what sense is religion opposed to morality? 1:14:05 Q&A #10: Can our senses fool us, as in the case of optical illusions? 1:15:15 Q&A #11: Why do virtues have to be practiced consistently?


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